Commitment to Individualized Service
Chestnut Grove offers Assisted Living accommodations in a residential setting that is truly unique. Both conveniently located and beautifully appointed, Chestnut Grove offers something extra - a feeling of welcome. Our commitment is to provide each resident with the appropriate level of daily assistance while allowing maximum independence and freedom. Our commitment to offering highly personal Assisted Living care extends to our well-trained and dedicated staff. Some of our staff members have been with Chestnut Grove since we opened our doors. Their commitment to caring is further reflected in the wonderful friendships that develop between them and our residents.


Our Staff and Management
The staff and management team at Chestnut Grove are experienced, dedicated and have a desire to nurture a true community at our residence.

Our staff is the heart and lifeblood of the community. We take pride not only in the quality of care our staff provides, but also in the friendships that form between them and our residents. The staff at Chestnut Grove has a passion for serving the elderly and it shows in the care we give to our residents


Chestnut Grove is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as Assisted Living facilities and is supervised by licensed nurses. Our corporate mission is to provide excellent and secure, 24-hour Assisted Living care for ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents.

Chestnut Grove is managed by Spring House Management, L.L.C. Dick McClellan is the managing partner of the limited partnership and the President of Spring House. With over fifteen years experience owning and managing four other Assisted Living residences in Virginia, Dick McClellan has developed a solid reputation for excellence in the Assisted Living industry.

Dick McClellan states, "Properly caring for our elderly population is one of the greater challenges facing this country. We strongly believe that by creating small-to moderate-sized residences, we can offer more personalized service to families who are seeking a truly home-like setting. We are determined to provide residences that offer both secure, professionally operated communities and comfort and tranquility for the residents and their families. Personalized and caring service for all residents is our top priority."


Families at Chestnut Grove
One of the singular attributes that we are most proud of is how involved many of our residents' families are in daily life at Chestnut Grove. Family members participate in many of our activities. We encourage family members to volunteer. And, of course, family members are ever-present regular visitors. We value our families as almost an extension of our staff. The door is always open to them as well as to friends of our residents.

We also work hard to stay in close touch by phone and/or e-mail with key family members so that they are regularly updated on the care and well being of their family member.


More Than Just Activities
Life, and the fun we have at Chestnut Grove is very often inspired or created by our residents. We regularly ask our residents what specific events, trips, or entertainment they would like to enjoy. Then we get busy turning those ideas into experiences. A recent sculpture exhibit and talent show were both inspirations of Chestnut Grove residents.
Our staff takes great pleasure in tailoring not only our care, but also our fun, to the needs and desires of our residents. From cookouts, family dinners, and ice-cream socials to pet therapy visits, speakers from local venues and art exhibits. The staff at Chestnut Grove strives to satisfy our residents' varied interests, whatever they may be.


Assisted Living

The residents and their families at Chestnut Grove can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from 24-hour personalized Assisted Living care, provided by staff certified in medication administration, CPR, and first aid.

Chestnut Grove provides the appropriate level of assistance to ensure maximum independence for each resident. The levels of care are based on the amount of time required to assist with activities of daily living. A functional, medical assessment is conducted upon admission and then regularly thereafter to assure that residents' needs are met.

Our Assisted Living program provides a base service plan plus three additional levels of care. Services include utilities, housekeeping, laundry, three daily meals, snacks, medication management, activities, and basic cable television service.


Memory Care

Chestnut Grove offers a safe and secure environment for residents with Alzhiemer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This area is called “Morning Glory”. It is intentionally designed and decorated with calming colors and soothing accessories to promote quality of life for our residents with special needs. The uplifting and comfortable atmosphere in Morning Glory also offers multiple common areas to encourage socialization and various activities such as chair exercise, watching old time movies, crafts, intergenerational visitors, and games.

We strive to provide as many home-like experiences as possible. For example, the kitchen in Morning Glory is frequently filled with smells of bread or cookies baking in the oven. Some residents enjoy chatting about the good ol’ days while helping to fold laundry. These and other activities of daily living are a big part of our core philosophy of helping our residents preserve a sense of purpose in their life.

Amenities and services such as a beauty shop, manicurist, podiatry and outings on the community bus are available to residents of Morning Glory.

The staff responsible for caring for residents living in Morning Glory receive specialized training about the needs of residents with memory impairment as well as effective and meaningful ways to properly care for them. Much of this training is provided by Richmond Chapter of the Alzhiemer’s Association.

We often hear how relieved families are to know that their loved one is not only in a safe place but that their quality of life has improved since moving into Morning Glory.



Respite Care at
Chestnut Grove

Are You...

  • In need of temporary assistance following a hospital stay or extended illness?
  • A family caregiver leaving for a vacation, a business trip, or just in need of a break?
  • Considering a move to Assisted Living but not yet ready to commit?

If so, consider a respite stay at Chestnut Grove!
Our short-term stay residents enjoy the same services and amenities as our permanent residents in a fully-furnished, private suite.

Short-term stays are based on space availability. All short-term stay residents must meet the admissions criteria for Assisted Living. We recommend a respite stay of a minimum of 2 weeks to two months, however, depending on the circumstances, we will try our best to accomodate your situation.

Respite residents have the option of remaining at Chestnut Grove permanently following their short-term stay.